Transforming logistics with efficiency, sustainability and adaptability.


We are setting new benchmarks in operational efficiency by integrating
state-of-the-art, energy-efficient technologies into our facilities - including auto docking systems, advanced skylights and lithium-ion batteries - all designed to enhance natural lighting and maximise productivity.

at Our Core

Our sustainability commitment involves harvesting condensate water, optimising power with motion sensors, employing
freon-free cooling technology and having a facility to generate up to 2.5 MW of solar power to reduce our carbon footprint, alongside supporting green transportation with ample EV charging points.

is in our DNA

Crosswell Logistics epitomises flexibility with our customisable storage solutions that accommodate various temperature needs and diverse pallet configurations - allowing us to drastically reduce repalletization costs and seamlessly adapt to any logistical challenge presented.

What we OFFER

We offer 4PL+ Services across domains, with safe storage, inventory management, sustainable supply chains and efficient freight management.

Crosswell provides Solutions and Services in Logistics & Supply Chain Management that are:

Ideal for Established Businesses

We easily assimilate your best practices and dovetail our resources with your requirements in the most efficient manner.

Excellent for Entrepreneurs

You need all the Logistics support and Supply Chain understanding available on your entrepreneurial journey. Crosswell does just that, with unmatched efficiency.

Remote Operations for Endless Possibilities

We understand the challenges of setting up something new with limited resources. No matter where in the world you are starting up, we have your business covered.

We’re rooted in

While we help goods and services reach where they are required, we also realise that the planet needs positive action to survive critical conditions like climate change.